10 Easy and Healthy Versions of your Favroite Takeout Dishes
Give your family their favorite dishes, only much healthier and homemade
1. Skinny Sesame Orange Chicken

This classic Asian dish gets a healthy makeover. All of the sweet orange chili glazed goodness with just a fraction of the calories. Ready in less than 30 minutes.

Let’s face it, places like Panda Express have people lining up for Orange Chicken for a reason. Crispy chicken bites smothered in a sweet tangy orange sauce, with a subtle (or not so subtle) chili kick is really very tempting. This lightened up version substitutes sautéed chicken for the traditional fried chicken, and keeps all the sweet tangy orange goodness. You’re family and friends will be lining up at your dining table for this healthy fast and flavorful meal. Head over to Simply Healthy Kitchen for this great recipe.

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